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Certification In Insurance (Cert. CII)

Course information

The Certificate in Insurance is a core qualification for insurance staff working across all sectors of the industry (and the logical progression from the introductory-level Award for the Foundation Insurance Test).

Completion requirements

To complete you need to obtain a minimum of 40 CII credits. The following compulsory unit requirements apply:

  • (IF1) Insurance, legal and regulatory; or
  • The Award in London Market insurance: (LM1) London market insurance essentials and (LM2) London market insurance principles and practices; or
  • (W01) Award in General Insurance.
Note: This unit is only available to non-UK candidates. Note: Due to the extent of syllabus overlap between units IF1, LM1 and W01 candidates who sit more than one of these units will receive only one award of credits. The remaining credits can come from any of the units offered within the CII insurance framework.

Available Units

Insurance, legal and regulatory

IF1 (15 Certificate credits)

This unit covers six essential topics, including the insurance market, legal principles, procedures and the major classes of insurance.

General insurance business

IF2 (15 Certificate credits)

This unit covers basic insurance products and practice, including underwriting and policy wordings, claims, customer service and information and communication technology.

Insurance underwriting process

IF3 (15 Certificate credits)

This unit covers the role of underwriting including identification, assessment and acceptance of risk, rating and relevant financial factors.

Insurance claims handling process

IF4 (15 Certificate credits)

This unit covers the claims handling process including notification, assessment, settlement and associated financial factors.

Motor insurance products

IF5 (15 Certificate credits)

This unit covers the practices and procedures connected with private motor, motorcycle and commercial motor insurance.

Household insurance products

IF6 (15 Certificate credits)

This unit covers the practices and procedures of household insurances and associated forms of cover.

Healthcare insurance products

IF7 (15 Certificate credits)

This unit covers the fundamental principles and practices relating to healthcare insurance.

Packaged commercial insurances

IF8 (15 Certificate credits)

This unit covers the development and design of packaged commercial policies, scope of cover provided by the most common forms of packaged commercial policy; and arrangement and operation of packaged commercial insurance contracts.

Customer service in insurance

IF9 (15 Certificate credits)

This unit provides knowledge and understanding of customer service within the context of an insurance environment.

Insurance broking fundamentals

I10 (15 Certificate credits)

The objective of this unit is to develop introductory knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles and practices of insurance broking practice.

Introduction to risk management

I11 (15 Certificate credits)

This unit gives a comprehensive introduction to the world of risk management by outlining the important issues surrounding risk management and the many factors that might increase an organization's exposure to risk.

Exam Preparation at CERM

CERM offers exam preparation for Cert. CII in the following units in July 2017.

IF1 - Insurance, legal and regulatory
IF2 - General insurance business
IF3 - Insurance underwriting process
IF4 - Insurance claims handling process

Class Timings:

Course duration:
12 Classes.

Classes will be conducted by industry experienced qualified professionals.

  • Course Fee PKR. 6,000/- for classroom based.
  • Course Fee PKR. 6,500/- for distant learning.

Recommended for:

The Certificate is open to anyone, irrespective of educational background or experience. It is suitable for a diverse range of people, including:

  • Anyone wishing to gain a broad understanding of insurance principles, key disciplines and products.
  • Employees who have no formal insurance qualifications but wish to objectively demonstrate insurance knowledge and understanding.
  • Anyone working in specific technical claims handling or underwriting roles within a call or service centre environment.
  • Insurance staff employed in support functions such as human resources, marketing, IT and finance, wishing to develop an understanding of the industry in which they work.
  • Staff working for an organization whose primary business is not insurance, but which offers insurance advice and products as part of its overall service to customers.


The Certificate in Insurance allows you to develop the knowledge and confidence you need before you begin to focus your subsequent studies and specialize according to your ambitions and career requirements.

  • basic insurance principles including the regulatory environment;
  • the key insurance disciplines of underwriting and claims; and
  • popular products including: motor, household, healthcare and packaged commercial insurances
  • London market legislation, regulation, market practice and distribution for those starting work in or having dealings with this market.

In completing the Diploma you will gain credits that can count towards completion of the CII's higher qualifications, the Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Insurance (subject to the completion requirements). On completion you will be entitled to use the designation 'Cert CII'