About CERM

Who we are

Center for Enterprise Risk Management, Pakistan (CERM) is a leading institute in Pakistan, working towards building excellence in risk management and to improve the way organizations work.

We provide high standards quality and integrity of education & training for the success of risk management professionals. CERM offers preparation for globally recognized proffesional qualifications exam, guidance, customized training courses, certificate programs, events and consultancy, which are conducted by qualified and experienced professional, exclusively in risk management, insurance, safety engineering, finance, compliance and governance with accreditations from both international and local professional institutes.

CERM Pakistan proprietary analytics based training approach assists in imparting knowledge, skills, consultancy services, trainings and development programs with other resource materials through the personal and professional development of participants.

CERM Pakistan has vision to give professionals what they need, help them to improve their risk management knowledge, skills to achieve their career goals and to gain a competitive advantage to stand out among others in competitive market.

Target Industries / Sectors:

  • Financial Institutions: Banking & Finance
  • Insurance & Reinsurance
  • Engineering and Construction
  • Government
  • Management Consulting
  • Education and Training
  • Mining and Resources
  • Energy and Power
  • Manufacturing
  • Maritime and Aviation
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Human Resource & Administration