Business Process Re-Engineering

Set the Vision

BPR starts with the reasons why. Companies must be clear on why they want or need to reengineer their processes.

Assemble the Team

Next, a team (which can consist of internal employees, consultants, or mix of both) is gathered within the company to conduct the reengineering.

Determine the Processes (As-Is-Processes)

This portion of BPR requires a comprehensive study of the company itself, looking at its mission, goals, the needs of its customers, and how the company is meeting those needs.


There are no specific rules that govern how a process is redesigned. This is the portion of BPR where the team gets to flex their creative muscle and design the main principles that reengineering will be applied though.

Include the Whole Company

Companies should remember that BPR does not work well if it is done in a bubble.