Understanding Your Insurance: Manuscript vs. Standard Market Wordings


Insurance policy wording form the basis of contract of insurance between the policy holder and capacity provider and is an admissible document in court of law in case of any dispute between the two contracting parties. It is therefore crucial to understand market offerings in terms of insurance wording.


The workshop is intended to provide an insight to the intricacies of Market Prevalent Insurance Policy Wordings including (Fire & Allied Perils and also Comprehensive machinery Insurance) and their comparison to Broker Drafted Manuscript Wording.


The task is to provide audience:

• An understanding of insurance policy forms in terms of coverage afforded, exclusions, conditions, warranties and their interplay.

• Introduction to Manuscript wording and its comparison to Market prevalent wording.

• Benefits in employing Manuscript Wording for risk transfer.

• Relevant claims based case studies.


Understand Your Insurance