Industrial Safety & Risk Assessment


CERM Pakistan organized one day workshop titled “Industrial Safety & Risk Assessment” on November16, 2018 at Falettis Hotel, Lahore.

The workshop was designed for clients and underwriters to enlighten the importance of industrial safety practices and Risk Engineering considerations including risk & hazards in various industries, its prevention approaches and the techniques of loss estimation. The workshop was divided into following sessions:

Risk Quality Assessment and Lost Estimation Techniques by Ahsan Jamal, Risk Engineer - Marsh-Pakistan.

Mr. Ahsan Jamal explained the basic definitions and terminologies used for Loss Estimation in the insurance market. He thoroughly explained the steps and process for property risk assessment and loss estimation techniques. His session gave the idea about the important information required for calculating EML / MPL and outlined introduction of various loss estimation models used in the insurance market.

Industrial Safety Practices by Mansoor Ali Khan – Hamid Mukhtar & Co. Ltd

The session aimed to provide detailed understanding of the necessary considerations of industrial safety practices in various industrial operations including handling, storage & transportation of products, buildings & facilities, fire protection, housekeeping & site security arrangements and why these considerations are significant in respect of safe industrial operations. Mr. Mansoor Ali Khan mentioned about the importance of incident reporting & review process for organizations, identify causes of failures and discussed the laws governing industrial safety in Pakistan.

In the later part of the session, various group exercises were carried out for the participants to understand how fire areas can be identified and losses are estimated based on various loss scenarios.


Accidents don't happen, They are caused - 'Safety doesn’t happen by accident.'
Risk Quality Assessment by Ahsan Jamal, Risk Engineer - Marsh-Pakistan
Lost Estimation Techniques by Ahsan Jamal, Risk Engineer - Marsh-Pakistan


- Very Impressive and informative session, detailed discussion was so much fruitful for all participants.

- Excellent Workshop

- Interesting & Knowledgeable workshop, looking forward for more session.

- Training session is very attractive and trainer is very knowledgeable

- I found again this very knowledgeable, appreciate the efforts of cerm Pakistan to took this industry participation.

- Excellent effort knowledgeable, refresher and knowledge increases due to discussion and techniques explain Overall an informative session for managing risks.

- An excellent initiative to address the one risk management area.

- It was good learning session that could help out to work in a progressive +ve way.