Executing Projects: How Pieces Fit

The project financing and insurance sector has seen huge growth in the past decade, primarily due to the emergence of new risks and the ever evolving mechanisms to manage them. Project financing and insurance are no longer just about services, they now go hand in hand, building better economies. The focus is slowly shifting to regulatory compliance, risk management and project risk management. To meet these goals, project stakeholders require top tier expertise to assist them in making informed decisions.

To help you better understand different elements of project execution, we will be conducting a workshop titled “Executing Projects: HOW PIECES FIT’ on 12th December 2017 at the Marriott Hotel, Karachi.

The workshop is intended to shed light on the following:

  • Insurances for Project Sponsors – An insight to project insurances.
  • Lenders insurance perspective – A lenders’ insurance advisor’s analysis.
  • Project legalities – legal expert’s point of view.
  • Project Management – project sponsor’s experiences.
  • Financial Consultant’s Perspective – an overview from financial consultants.