Evolving Risk Landscape: Insurance Specialities for the Modern Age

Need for the seminar
With the ever changing risk landscape, new risks emerge almost every other day, so do the need to address them on time. However, there is a dearth of knowledge sharing and industry specific educational gatherings; and the gap between risks and their solution has increased alarmingly in the recent years. Noticing the need to impart knowledge and share industry relevant experiences, CERM (Center for enterprise risk management) and Marsh have organized a seminar titled “Evolving Risk Landscape: Insurance Specialities for the Modern Age” on 13th February 2018 at Karachi Marriott Hotel.

Theme of the event
As evident from the title itself ““Evolving Risk Landscape: Insurance Specialities for the Modern Age” intends to address the issues faced by organization, especially the banking sector, with regards to emerging and existing risks and how best they may be address. A broad theme allows for more meaningful discussions among the audience and speakers. Since this is a knowledge sharing event, only industry relevant audience is invited, to benefit from experiences of experts.

Experts and Topics under discussion
The seminar’s sole purpose is to learn, from experiences and shared knowledge. This holistic approach allows for more ideas to be interlinked. The purpose is to highlight specific risk exposures and then discuss their available solutions, through industry specific case studies and practices.

Panel Discussions
The presentation sessions will conclude with a detailed, 45mins thorough panel discussion. In our experience, panel discussions bring value to the event itself and prompt audience to share their concerns. The panel shall comprise of speakers as well as banking experts, who will discuss the banking scenario and what the future holds, both in terms of risks and their methods of mitigation.
The panel discussion shall be moderated by an industry expert, who will channel the debate and take questions from the audience, for the panelists to respond to.

The take-away
The seminar is free of cost but is invitation only; for the sole purpose, that organisers intend the audience to leave with knowledge. In the longer run, it is intended that the lesson learnt be implemented by the audience, so that better business decisions may be made. We hope that with your expertise, our panel shall share much insight and will benefit the audience.