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Awareness and importance of risk management in all professional aspects is increasing in the world’s new high growth economies. In this fast paced world we need to make sure we manage risks so that we minimize threats and maximize their potential.

CERM vision is to give professionals what they need and help to give them a competitive advantage to stand out among others in competitive market and to improve their risk management knowledge and skills to achieve career goals.

Professional Exam Preparation

Associate in Risk Management (ARM) - The Institute USA

Associate in Risk Management certification program is valuable resource for individuals looking to grow in their profession, increase their credibility and help them to start differentiating from others in competitive market.   Read More

Certificate in Insurance CII(UK)

The Certificate in Insurance is a professional qualification providing an enhanced understanding of insurance practice, both technical subject matter and overall application skills. Read More

Diploma in Insurance (Dip. CII)

The Diploma in Insurance is a technical and supervisory qualification for insurance staff working across all sectors of the industry (and the logical progression from the Certificate in Insurance). Read More

Advanced Diploma in Insurance (ACII)

The Advanced Diploma in Insurance is a professional qualification providing an enhanced understanding of insurance practice, both technical subject matter and overall application skills. Read More

Consultancy Services

IT Consultancy

We help our customers achieve excellence in their respective industries through Technology, Outsourcing and Consultancy of business processes.

  • Technology Services
  • Consultancy Services
  • Outsourcing Services
Read More

Customized Training Program

Industrial Safety

The course is intended to deliver basic guidelines and principles regarding industrial safety. Course content will focus on standard practices in industrial safety across the globe and examples from risk engineering surveys will be shared. Human safety as a major element will be discussed. References, where applicable shall be made - to insurance market’s overview of safety procedures. Various implementation techniques for safety culture will also be part of discussion.   Read More

Fundamentals of Fire Protection Engineering

This course provides an introduction and overview of Fire Protection Engineering including basics of fire science, characteristics as well as a description of the global fire safety system in a facility (as per NFPA codes) including active fire protection systems; detection, suppression, and smoke management. It also includes a description of the fire protection equipment prevention practices for effective and efficient response.   Read More

Upcoming Programs


Past Events





Fire Safety & Risk Assessment Workshop
21st Aug 2019 – Faletti's Hotel Lahore

CII Exam Preparation
13th July 2019


ASO Exam Preparation

20th June 2019



Industrial Safety & Risk Assessment.
November 16, 2018 Falletis Hotels - Lahore



ARM Exam Preparation
21 July 2018



ASO Exam Preparation
9th April 2018

CII - Insurance Qualifications
Crash Classes March 2018





Executing Projects: How Pieces Fit
12th December 2017
(Invitation Only)

  CII Insurance Qualification
  Exam Preparation
  Session 01 - March 2017

  Session 02
  July 2017

  Session 03 (CRASH COURSE)
  September 2017

  ASO Exam Preparation
  Session 01
  April 2017


  Enterprise Risk Management

  March 21, 2017
  Insurance Claims Workshop
  March 22, 2017
  Property Insurance Policy
  workshop - “Replacement cost
  Value Versus Actual Cash Value”
   by Asad u Khan

  Feb 14, 2017
  CII Insurance Qualifications
  Framework Awareness Session by
  Ahsan Jamal

  Jan 21, 2017
  Power Risk Engineering workshop
  by Mark Shipley – Sr. Risk
  Engineer of Marsh

  Jan 13, 2017



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