Enterprise Risk Management Conference 2017

Risks are integral part of everything we endeavor to do, every business we engage in and every action we take……there are KNOWN RISKS, there are PREDICTABLE RISKS and there VOLATILE RISKS. Individuals and organizations, which anticipate Risks, understand Risks and develop a mitigation plan, are left to hold the mantle of success… We aspire to provide platform for managing and mitigating risks through education, knowledge sharing and advisory services.

With this aspiration, we are organizing Enterprise Risk Management Conference 2017 with the theme of Managing Emerging Risk Today for Tomorrow to be held on 21st March, 2017 organized by Marsh and Center for Enterprise Risk Management (CERM) Pakistan at Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore.

The purpose of the conference is to provide thought leadership to professionals and practitioners working in Risk Management profession, including discussion of topics and challenges across a broad spectrum of Risks such as:

  • - Financial Risk
  • - Cyber Risk
  • - Engineering Risk
  • - Emerging Risk
  • - Risk Hedging
  • - Compliance and Regulatory